The DarkSnakeGang: A Comprehensive Guide about DarkSnakeGang You Need To Know


The Dark Snake Gang is a series of video games that are popular in Japan. It’s set in New York City and you play Shou, a man who’s betrayed by the Mafia. The game has three different endings, but none of them is canon to each other DarkSnakeGang.

You can play on either side and feel like it’s your story, even though there are only two playable characters: Shou and Tona. In this guide, we’ll go over some interesting facts about Dark Snake Gang as well as how to get started with playing the game if you’re new to this franchise!

The game is popular in Japan

  • DarkSnakeGang game is extremely popular in Japan, but not so much anywhere else.
  • The Dark Snake Gang series of games is known for having a very low-quality of graphics and gameplay.
  • You can download the DarkSnakeGang on your phone or tablet if you want to play it at home.

Shadow is the main character

The gang is led by Shadow, a character and voice actor who’s also responsible for the translations. Shadow has an incredibly deep backstory that is only hinted at throughout the series; in fact, if he were to tell you his entire story in full detail, it would take him approximately three days to do so.

This is because he lives on a different planet than we do (Earth), where time moves much more slowly than it does here on this planet therefore when you’re watching an episode with Shadow in it, he’s essentially living multiple lifetimes during that time period.

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There are three games, each with different characters, themes, and scenarios.

DarkSnakeGang is a series of three games that have been released since 2004. The first game was released in 2004 and the second game was released in 2009. The third game, which is named DarkSnakeGang: The Story of Peace, was released in 2018.

All three games are available for download on the internet. Each game has different characters, themes, and scenarios compared to each other.

Shou is a warrior who fights with a sword

The first game in the DarkSnakeGang series, “DarkSnakeGang: The Revenge of Shou”, has a story about a man named Shou who was betrayed by the Mafia. The Mafia wanted to kill him and his family, but they survived and ended up being kidnapped. Now that he’s in control of his own life again, he must defeat the Mafia once and for all.

In this role-playing game, you play as Shou, who uses a sword for combat. Within each level, there are enemies attacking you from all sides, so it’s important to learn how to block attacks and counter them with your own strikes.

DarkSnakeGang game has a serious tone

You play as Shou’s journey to defeat the Mafia and the dark side that wants to destroy him. The story takes place in New York City and has a serious tone. The game features a cast of characters including Shou, Tona, Kabuto, and the Mafia.

The true ending is the most interesting

There are several endings in DarkSnakeGang, but the major ones are what you focus on when playing the game. There’s the “good” ending, which is basically a reward for doing everything right, then there’s the “bad” ending, which is basically a punishment for doing everything wrong.

The true ending is different from both of these and it’s also quite difficult to achieve. It involves completing certain tasks and meeting certain requirements in order to reach it. If you manage to get this ending then your reward will be great because it gives you access to more content than any other ending does (and believe me when I say that having access to all that content makes all other endings pale in comparison).

Let’s take a look at the story and cast.

The series follows the story of Shou, who is a member of the Mafia and goes by the nickname “DarkSnake”. He has a rivalry with Tona, an assassin who was once his friend. They used to be friends in high school but were betrayed by the same person: Tona’s mother.

Shou is a kind-hearted person despite being part of an organized crime syndicate and he always tries to help people without hesitation. He also has a soft spot for children as seen when he saved Yuki from her abusive uncle(Yuki’s stepfather) in episode 3. On top of that, Shou can use magic too!

You can see people’s true nature when you defeat Kabuto

In terms of setting and tone, this one is the most serious out of all three games. The game DarkSnakeGang takes place in New York City and you will encounter many familiar locations throughout its story. It has a lot of violence and blood, so it’s not suitable for children or those who can’t handle gore.

The story takes place in New York City where you run into two factions – Mafiosi and cops. You have to defeat Kabuto before you can defeat Tona and the Mafia before you can defeat Tona.

Shou’s friend Tona was also betrayed by the Mafia

After defeating another character called Kabuto, you receive the power of the Dark Snake Eye which allows you to see people’s true nature. This is quite interesting because once you have this ability, you will be able to see people’s innermost thoughts and feelings.

The ability also works in a very simple manner as well where if someone says something that doesn’t seem right or incorrect at all then it means that person is lying and does not have any good intentions for others at all.

Shou runs into an old friend-turned-rival named Tona. Shou wins in a fight against him.

In the second episode, Shou runs into an old friend-turned-rival named Tona. Tona was also betrayed by the Mafia, and it turns out that he was working for Kabuto after all.

In order to gain more power and money as well as get revenge on the Mafia, he worked for Kabuto who promised him everything he wanted in exchange for his services.

However, Kabuto would later betray him by selling him out to Shou’s father so that they could capture him easily and make them look like heroes in front of their boss (Kabuto).

Tona and Kabuto work for the Mafia now

It turns out that Tona was involved with Kabuto, who was also betrayed by the Mafia and now works for them. The two of them were sent to kill Shou but failed. They both ended up being defeated by Shou and have been taken into custody by the police.

This game does not have an English translation yet

DarkSnakeGang is a game that can be played by anyone. However, it is only available in Japan. It is not translated into English yet and there are no plans to do so in the future.

If you would like to play this game but you don’t speak Japanese, then we recommend looking for an alternative game that is available in your country (or language).


The DarkSnakeGang is a highly secretive organization. So secretive, in fact, that no information about them can even be found on the internet! If you want to know more about this group, you should contact your local FBI office for further information.

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