Different Types of Industrial Tanks and their Uses

There’s a wide array of different industrial tanks used for many things. Tanks can be used for holding chemical or petroleum products for long periods or packaging beer or soda. They are also used for draining and heating liquids, as well as a variety of other processes.

Not sure how to decide on the type of tank you need for your business? We’ve got all the info you need to make that decision. Keep reading to find out everything you should know about industrial tanks.

Oil Tanks

Oil tanks vary in design, depending on their application and purpose. Generally, they are large, cylindrical stainless steel containers with flat bottoms and a conical roof, but they can also be aluminum geodesic domes. These tanks are resistant to many environmental conditions and are cost-effective.

Oil tanks come in many shapes and sizes, including horizontal, vertical, and double-walled tanks with inner and outer walls. They may include heating coils, insulation, mixers, agitators, and piping.

Fuel Tanks

Fuel tanks come in many sizes and shapes. They can be made of different materials, such as steel, concrete, and plastic.

Additionally, they are underground tanks built to contain flammable liquids. They must conform to safety regulations and codes. They must also be leak-proof and durable to handle environmental pressure.

Chemical Tanks

Chemical tanks store and contain corrosive and hazardous chemicals and other hazardous materials. Chemical tanks are highly resistant to corrosion and can also protect contents from exposure to oxygen. They are made from several plastic or resin-based materials such as FRP, fiberglass, or high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

Chemical tanks must also never leak or cause any contamination or expelling of hazardous contents. Careful consideration must be taken in lining, coatings, and construction materials. 

Gas Tanks

Gas tanks contain and store certain types of hazardous and flammable gases. They can range in size and complexity and come in horizontal, vertical, and spherical shapes.

Depending on the gas they are storing, they should always be composed of a highly resistant and waterproof material. Materials like stainless steel are necessary to ensure the safety of the workers and the environment.

Additionally, these tanks need to meet local environmental regulatory standards. Special care is a must to ensure that no leakage occurs and to maintain it properly. 

Different Industrial Tanks Are Made for Different Purposes

Industrial tanks come in all shapes and sizes, from big to small and horizontal to vertical. There is a tank for almost any industrial setting, from storage to mixing and containment.

Investing in the correct type of tank for your industrial needs is essential for your business. So choosing one best suited for your industrial operation’s specific needs is critical.

What are you waiting for? Contact a trusted industrial tank specialist to determine which tank is best for you!

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