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The Importance of Social Media Age Restriction for Child

In the present time, social media play a vital role in our lives. But parents are worried about their kids’ online activities. Face-to-face communication is decreasing because we are living around the digital world. No doubt the internet has a great source of communication and entertainment. But it has a lot of disadvantages that we didn’t forget. On different social media websites, predators are looking to attack immature teens. Now you have multiple options to protect your child from any digital threat. . But, you need to find the best way for a child’s safety under the shadow of the internet and the digital world.

Impact of social media on kids

Kids enjoy different social media platforms at an earlier age. We cannot forget the dangerous effects of digital devices and social media. They spend an average of time on different social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, and many more.  But we cannot forget the dangerous side of the online world. When parents give cell phones and other devices they definitely the heart and deep effect on them. Parents are worried about children exposing adult content, uploading inappropriate content, or sharing personal information with strangers. It needs to overcome and control the threatening side of social media and the digital world. We are going to discuss some issues that kids face in their teenage life that can hurt them but with help of TheOneSpy app, parents can secure their kid’s life.

Why is an age restriction needed for children to use social media?

Kids under development age get access to smartphones to spend time. But with so many advantages social media and the internet have a lot of harmful effects on their users. Because children didn’t know how people can take advantage of their innocence on social media.

Uploaded inappropriate posts on Social media

We are living in the digital era and brought up under the shadow of the internet. When kids get access to the internet and make accounts on different social media and post different things on it. Sometimes they posted useless content on the internet that is not good for them. Then they receive shameful or bad comments that heart them. This all happened because their age is too young to handle the social media platforms and their negativity.

Online predators

Children under the age of 13-17 are not savvy to finding online predators. They are not mature to know the fake sides of social media and the people who take advantage of their innocence.  

Misused online identity

Kids didn’t care about their profile privacy and shared everything on social media. They didn’t know how their personal information or personal data can be used by others. They didn’t set privacy on their social media accounts which become dangerous for them.

Vulnerable gaming sites

Kids like to play online games unfortunately, it influences kids’ upbringing even they abuse their siblings’ and friends. Online games turn their behavior into aggressiveness even if they don’t pay attention to their study and academic performance.

What parents should do to protect their children?

Age restriction on social media is to keep them safe and secure from online dangers. Because of the rising online threats and negative effects of the digital world. When a child is using a mobile phone and spends too much time that means controlling them by keeping an eye. Now, it becomes necessary to know the kids’ online activities. Luckily, parents come to know their children’s activities by monitoring software. Parents can access an undetectable spy app that enables them to find their actions in real-time.

The best monitoring software

TheOneSpy is one of the best android monitoring apps. It empowers you to spy on the online activities of your loved ones without knowing them. Once, you install TheOneSpy into your targeted device. Then, you can take advantage of their spying features. TOS has a wide range of monitoring features that allow you to find every activity of your targeted person. With this app, you can protect your kids from the harmful effects of social media.

TheOneSpy offers you feature

Here we mention the best monitoring apps that enable you to track digital devices to find their online activities

  • Read instant messenger text chats
  • Spy social media activities
  • Record VoIP calls
  • Block unnecessary calls
  • Take live screenshot
  • Record live screen activities


Age restriction for getting access to kids is necessary for their safety and online protection. So, we mention the best parental control app that enables you to keep an eye on kids’ activities without knowing them.

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