Incense Cones vs. Sticks: What Are the Differences?

Remember the distinct smell of incense wafting through the air? It activated your olfactory senses like no other scent. Whether in your home relaxing or attending a holy ceremony, the smell has its purpose.

However, you must consider one question; incense cones or incense sticks? Keep reading to learn more about the differences between incense cones and sticks.


Incense cones and sticks differ significantly in terms of size. Compared to incense sticks, most cones are considerably smaller; the largest ones might be a few inches tall. If you want to know more, check these types of incense.


Incense cones and sticks both strongly affect the fragrance in a room. Incense cones release fragrance almost instantaneously. Although cones are famous for their excellent scent, they limit the diffuseness of the smell when compared with sticks.

Incense sticks release fragrance for an hour or more. This allows the scent to remain longer, diffusing throughout the area for longer. 

Burn Time

Incense cones and sticks come in different sizes and shapes, allowing more flexibility in burning time. Incense cones offer short and consistent burn times that generally last a few minutes.

On the other hand, incense sticks offer longer burn times depending on their size. A large incense stick can last up to an hour, while a pack of smaller ones may need to be lit every 10 to 15 minutes.

This makes incense sticks more suitable for longer meditations and rituals requiring extended focus periods. Both incense cones and sticks have pros and cons, and the choice of which to use depends on the desired effect.


Incense cones are made of natural fragrance oils, resins, and bamboo. In contrast, incense sticks are made of a combination of natural fragrance oils, sawdust, or powdered wood of specific types of woods, and a binding agent.

Incense cones can produce a thicker, more decadent smell because of the combination of materials, which makes them perfect for smaller spaces or meditation rooms. The incense sticks thin construction makes it better for burning for a more extended period, and its wood content makes it a good choice for people that favor more natural fragrances.


Incense cones tend to be a bit more expensive than incense sticks. This is because incense cones are usually made with a higher quality and thus have a higher price tag.

Also, incense cones typically require a holder to burn them, whereas incense sticks are self-sufficient, making them cheaper. So, if the price is your main concern, incense sticks tend to be more cost-effective than incense cones.

Use This Incense Cones vs. Sticks Guide

If you want to add a little scent to your space, whether for recreation or to make your home feel more inviting, incense is a great option. However, not all incense is created equal.

Consider the size, fragrance, burning time, materials, and price when choosing between the incense cones and sticks. Hopefully, this information will help you decide which aromatherapy options are best for you.

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