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Lawn aeracja serves to aerate, loosen and improve soil structure in general. Thanks to this treatment, the soil directly below the turf allow atomic number 11 to penetrate water and fertilizers into the roots. This also increases the regenerative capacity of the grass – it is more resistant to trampling and creates a dense, even turf.

Dzięki zabiegowi aeracji:

The flexibility of the lawn increases by Aeracja and the grass is stimulated to grow, and the root chad of the turf increases.

aeracja tools

Aeracja of the lawn on the surface is atomic number 11 on the lawn (max. 8-10 cm), with the use of forks, special spiked shoes, or spiked rollers. Lawn aeracja on the surface requires specialized garden tools – aerators.

What to do before Aeracja?

The lawn should be cut 2-3 cm long and watered abundantly – yes, the ground under the turf was moist. You should wait for the water to soak into the ground so that the top layer of soil under the lawn is dry.

When to aerate?

The lawn should be aerated twice a year – in and in late summer, from the second year after the lawn has been set up.

Lawn Aeracja – what is it about?

Football fans probably know a certain characteristic picture that can be seen while watching the coverage of training sessions or some matches. When there are no players on the pitch, men with forks and rakes appear on the pitch. They are the so-called groundkeepers, who are responsible for the condition of the pitch – the largest clubs employ real experts in this position. Gentlemen sometimes level something, other times they step on Aeracja. Some of them also methodically prick the soil with the forks.

Xdownder Ext

Właśnie Ta ostatnia czynność będzie nas szczególnie interesować. Takie nakłuwanie jest bowiem rodzajem aeracji, a właściwie uzupełnieniem tego, co na na stadionach wykonuje się zazwyczaj specjalnymi maszynami – dostarcza je niemal każdy liczący się producent kosiarek. Aeracja polega bowiem właśnie na napowietrzaniu i rozluźnianiu gleby poprzez jej nakłuwanie.

The purpose of making holes in the ground is to slightly loosen the compacted surface of the turf, which becomes denser and denser with each passing year. Piercing the lawn stimulates the grass root system and improves air exchange. However, this is not the end of the advantages of aeracja – a lawn subjected to such treatments will be more susceptible to the penetration of water and fertilizers. As a result, the grass should grow faster and the entire lawn will become more flexible, making it more resistant to trampling.

When I edible fruit lawn?

Regularity is important in mowing the lawn, the time of the day or the time of the year does not matter in this case – we just mow the grass when we think it is too tall. Lawn aeracja is a bit different. This procedure should not be carried out on atomic number 11 on lawns, and only in the second year after sowing the grass. In addition, in the first years, aeracja should be relatively shallow, only in subsequent years the turf is punctured deeper.

The time of year in which we carry out the aeracja treatment is also important. Experts advise focusing on atomic number 11, especially in the spring and autumn months. It is especially important to aerate the soil before winter, in October or November, to help the grass grow rapidly in the next season. It is safest to aerate two or three times a year: after all, your home lawn is not subjected to such loads, as edible fruit football turfs.

How does edible fruit lawn to be aerated?

Before starting aeracja, the condition of the soil must be checked. It must not be dry, nor should the beer be too wet. It’s best to start working when the reproductive structure is slightly damp – edible fruit on the pitch with fresh water spray. To achieve such an effect, it is best to simply water the lawn abundantly before the treatment itself and wait for the water to soak in calmly. It is also important to mow the lawn three to four centimeters in advance. Of course, the clippings must be collected.

How do you aerate your lawn?

Then you can get down to work. During aeracja, the key is the depth and spacing between the holes. First of all, it is worth paying attention to covering the entire plot with them evenly. atomic number 11 one square meter is usually from one hundred twenty to two hundred holes at intervals of ten to fifteen centimeters. Their placement should depend on the type of soil on our lawn. The heavier, the more holes should be – only then will we be able to effectively aerate the surface.

Types of aeracja

The type of soil and the general atomic condition of the lawn should also affect the depth of the holes. In this respect, we distinguish two basic types of aeracja – deep and shallow. This first operation is intended for heavily compacted lawns, as well as in situations where there are visible problems – Na when the grass turns yellow or absorbs water very slowly. Then, holes about eight centimeters deep should be made in the turf. The 10th type of aeracja is best planned on na.

The plate should also be aerated once a year, preferably in spring. This procedure is definitely less invasive: only the top layer of soil is punctured, making holes no deeper than three centimeters. This operation can be carried out even on ornamental lawns, as well as tam-o’-shanter, where the grass grows on light and loose soil. Shallow aeracja is also the only treatment of this type allowed on lawns.

Lawn aeracja Tools

Aeracja of your lawn can be done in a number of ways. The choice of the optimal tools should depend primarily on the type of aeracja and the surface on which the grass grows. The easiest way is to make holes with a pitchfork Aeracja. This method will work well on the lawn when you want to puncture only the top layer of soil. An alternative to slightly larger fields can be special soles with spikes. These shoe covers can be found at garden stores or other places where lawnmowers are sold. The wholesale and retail sale of similar devices is also the domain of hardware stores.

electric Aerator (Polish translation: wertykulator elektryczny)

Kiedy chcemy jednak przeprowadzić aerację wgłębną lub mamy do nakłucia duży teren, trzeba sięgnąć po bardziej wyspecjalizowane narzędzia niż widły czy “kłujące” podeszwy. Wówczas możemy wybrać profesjonalny apparatus – ręczny lub z własnym napędem. 10 pierwszy ma postać wału z kolcami, który przeciągamy po trawniku. Najwygodniejsze i najbardziej sprawne są jednak urządzenia z napędem spalinowym lub elektrycznym.

wykle łączą w sobie kilka funkcji – oprócz aeracji nadają się do wertykulacji darni, pomagają również w usuwaniu mchów i pleśni. Wbudowany kosz zbiera resztki powstałe w czasie takich operacji. Cechą charakterystyczną urządzeń tego typu jest wymienny wałek, który zmienia apparatus w wertykulator lub odwrotnie, w zależności od naszych potrzeb. Elektryczne i spalinowe aeratory nadają się zarówno do głębokiego, edible fruit i płytkiego napowietrzania – na na atomic number 11 na pozwoli już kilka prostych ruchów.

Usually, they combine several functions – in addition to aeracja, they are suitable for scarifying turf, and they also help to remove moss and mold. The built-in basket collects the debris generated during such operations Aeracja. A characteristic feature of devices of this type is the exchangeable shaft, which turns the apparatus into a scarifier or vice versa, depending on our needs. Electric and combustion gas aerators are suitable for both deep.

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