When Should an Addict Seek Help From an Addiction Treatment Center?

Substance Use Disorder, also called addiction, often comes with denial. Addicts may wait a long time before seeking help when they feel their case isn’t that serious. Addiction treatment centers help addicts through that denial, to deal with the problems resulting from substance use. 

When Should You Seek Help From Addiction Treatment Centers?

The best time for anyone using alcohol or other drugs to seek treatment is when they feel anxious about their habits. Listen to yourself and find help. One of the toughest decisions is seeking help from addiction treatment centers. 

Understanding the addiction stages will help you track your substance dependence journey. You’ll know when your (or your loved ones’) habit is getting out of control, and when you can seek addiction treatment.

Stages of Addiction

Substance Use Disorder (SUD) is a process that devolves over time. Seeking aid from addiction treatment centers can help you manage the condition.

The following descriptions of each stage of SUD will demonstrate what addiction is and help you determine the severity of your substance use.

Phase 1: Experimentation

The experimentation phase refers to the voluntary use of addictive substances. It starts with your first use. The phase extends to any time you use the drug without negative or social consequences. The lack of obvious negative consequences during first-time use can suggest (wrongfully) that there is no harm to these drugs, luring users into a sense of false security. 

While some people stop the habit at this stage, others get hooked and dive into the spiral of addiction. 

Phase 2: Regular Substance Use

People in the second stage start experiencing a higher dependency risk on alcohol or the substance they’re using. They start making the substance a part of their routine and use it more than before. They may also find themselves requiring higher dosages of the drug to feel the same effects. 

If you recognize yourself at this stage, seek help quickly. The sooner treatment is implemented, the more likely the addiction is to be overcome.

Phase 3: High-Risk Usage

The third and second phases are almost similar, except that you start losing control in the high-risk usage phase. Most people at this phase experience intense cravings for the substance. They’ll continue indulging in their usage despite the negative consequences.

Visit one of the best addiction centers immediately if you feel you’re in this stage. These centers have the best treatment procedures for heroin and other dependency disorders. They’ll help you before you sink into addiction.

Phase 4: Addiction and Full Dependency

The addiction and full dependency phase is the last stage of SUD. Users can’t do or think of anything before getting a dose of the substance. They’re aware of the dangers and are struggling to stop, but their body has grown dependent on the substance. 

Friends and relatives grow anxious about their kin’s drug abuse at this stage. Some of the signs of addiction to look out for and determine whether you or your loved one needs help include:

  • Withdrawal symptoms if they stay longer without the usage
  • Poor hygiene
  • Irritable behavior
  • Extended hours of use
  • Withdrawal from friends and family
  • Neglecting job, education, or family obligations
  • Loss of appetite
  • Blatant denial whenever you point out they have SUD

Addiction is treatable at any stage. Seeking help from addiction treatment centers early enough makes management easier. Start staging an intervention. Find help as early as you notice the beginning signs of addiction.

Final Thoughts

Addiction is a progressive chronic condition like cancer and high blood pressure. It can be challenging to treat SUD. Early intervention will help you or your loved one handle their substance use. Talk to a doctor in an addiction treatment center and start your journey to sobriety today.

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