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Best Treks to do in Ladakh


Ladakh suggests some beautiful and thrilling traveling experiences to the tourists. This Himalayan area is a loving place for those people who want to take on challenging tasks in the region of mountains and hills. There are so many places to visit in Ladakh which are very challenging and time-consuming. Some of the treks will take a time period of 2 weeks to reach the destination while some will take 2 to 3 days to reach the destination but at the end of the day, people leave with beautiful memories which stay for a lifetime.

The people who are willing to go with the family on a holiday trip are the right choice and these could be suitable for the beginners who want to complete the journey within 2 to 3 days of the time period.  

The best time for traveling to Ladakh is during the months of May to October, but sometimes journeys may start from the month of early July due to the heavy snowfall on the peaks. The best time to travel this Chadar Trek journey on the frozen Zanskar river and the Snow Leopard trek in Ladakh will begin during the months of January to March.

Chadar frozen river Trek

In the past, the Chadar trek is the second biggest visiting place in Ladakh and a very easy trek. Going on the way of the frozen Zanskar river, which expands the way to 105 km, in the very low temperatures around -25 to -35 degrees, Celsius will test the ability of the tourists. And along with this, there are so many treks that go through the beautiful iced waterfalls and which are having the route on the ice that looks like the mirror of the sky and this trek is one among them.

Markha Valley Trek

Markha valley trek takes a time period of 6 to 8 days. This trek in Hemis National Park is the most famous trek in Ladakh, which will come across, along the side of the Indus valley, which hangs in the Stok Kangri, is the place which is covered with the fallen snow range to the north and the Zanskar range to the south.

In this, travelers can have a vision of some beautiful peak views, wild animals, and small remote townships which are surrounded by green grass fields. The traveling people will get the opportunity to visit the residents and know about their daily lifestyles, and also have the option to live in homestays in those townships. 

Lamayuru to Alchi Trek

The western side of Ladakh is not only popular for its ancient monasteries but also for the Lamayuru to Alchi trek. This journey takes a time period of  5 days to reach the destination and is spotted with the two challenging routes of kongskil La of 4948 meters and Skakspil of 5153 meters which will extend the journey to the maximum, but the people will experience the beautiful mountain views.

People will have the option to stay near the small townships and get the chance to know their cultures, they also have an opportunity to visit the monasteries before and after the journey.

Sham Valley Trek

Sham Valley trek is also called the Baby Trek. The reason behind this name is for the smooth nature of the trek, and there is no question about this trek because it offers some beautiful views to the traveling people. For the people who are opting for the easy trek, it is the perfect one which is around at an altitude of 3874 meters. It takes a time period of 3 days to reach the destination.

Snow Leopard Trek

Ladakh is home to one of the unique wild cats in the world which are named the royal snow leopard. The snow leopard is arranged in the Hemis National park during the months of February and March. The Hemis National park in Ladakh is also famous for the many other species of mammals such as Tibetan wolves, Asiatic ibex, blue sheep, and Ladakh urials. Animals surviving in sub-zero climates is not so easy. It will take 8 days to reach the destination which is situated at an altitude of 3956 meters.

 Zanskar Trek

Zanskar is one of the most isolated regions where the actual beauty of Ladakh lies. This trek takes a time period of 10 days to arrive at the destination point and in addition tourists will have an offer to visit places like old-aged monasteries, small townships, and beautiful views of the Zanskar area. Before the trek begins, travelers have a chance to view the popular Phuktal monastery which was constructed in the 15th century and is one of the most remote area monasteries in Zanskar.

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