6 Common Beginner Golf Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Are you interested in playing golf? Golf is a tremendous sport that allows you to be outside, get some fresh air, and even improve your health with some exercise.

Yet, when you’re starting, you may not be sure about what are the rules of the game. We can help you get started by telling you about some of the most common beginner golf mistakes. After all, we all learn from our mistakes.

Go out on the green and improve your golfing with friends without second-guessing every shot.

Let’s help you get started.

1. Not Teeing the Ball Correctly

It is important to place the tee at the right height before swinging. If the tee is too low, the ball will not launch as far as it could have. If the tee is too high, the ball will spill off the tee and can cause a loss of accuracy.

Teeing the ball helps to maximize the distance and accuracy of a shot. Using a longer tee can also help to maximize the launch angle of the ball, helping it to go farther. If a golfer is having issues getting the ball off the tee, a higher tee can help.

2. Trying to Hit Too Hard

A hard hit can affect the accuracy of the shot and may cause the ball to fly off the target. To prevent this from happening, the beginner golfer should focus on making controlled, relaxed swings. This will help to ensure that the ball is properly hit and not over-hit. Shorter swings favor better control.

3. Poor Posture and Grip

Poor posture results from not pushing the hips back and keeping the spine straight. This can lead to an inconsistent and weak strike.

To avoid these mistakes, always maintain the correct posture and a firm yet relaxed grip. Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, your hips pushed back, and your spine straight.

For the grip, hold the club with the index knuckle of the right hand pointing towards the ground. Ensure that your grip is strong but comfortable, with the pressure in both hands equal. 

4. Taking a Forceful Swing

Forceful swing and improper form can lead to missed shots and increased frustration. Controlled force provides more consistency and accuracy, leading to better results and more enjoyment of the course. Some technologies just like the golf gps app can help you accurately measure the distance so you can also control your force.

5. Not Focusing On Increasing Club Head Speed

A powerful drive requires an increased club head speed to strike the ball and send it flying down the fairway. The less control a player has over the driver, the shorter their shot will be.

To increase the speed, create a steady rhythm when taking the club away from the ball. Ensure a wide backswing coupled with a fast downswing to create speed and consistency.

6. Not Having Regular Practice and Lessons

The best solution is to set aside specific days to practice and take lessons. Planning a golf trip to see the course and have a practice is also recommended. It can be beneficial to develop and practice a pre-shot routine each time you prepare to make a shot in a game.

Avoid These Common Beginner Golf Mistakes

Avoid these common beginner golf mistakes, with practice and consistency, like anything else. Focus on form and technique, use the right equipment, enjoy the process, and be patient with yourself. Get out to the links and watch your scores lower as you practice!

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