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A recent article on The Tech Virtual website discussed the Dad who buried the anti parent parenting blog that he had started. The article points out that many people might not have known about this blog because it was not popular enough and it was only recently uncovered by a search engine. The Dad’s goal was to challenge existing forms of parenting and to push for new, more innovative ways of Parenting.

What is Dad and Buried?

Dad and Buried is an online magazine that discusses topics related to raising children. The blog section of the website covers various parenting topics, including anti-parenting blogs.

One of the blogs that Dad and Buried has covered is the anti-parenting blog “Raising Unfreedom.” The blog was created by Tracy McMillan, who has written about how she’s “rebellious” against her parents and encourages other parents to do the same.

McMillan’s blog critiques parenting books, articles, and even other blogs that discuss parenting. She argues that these forms of parenting lead to children who are disrespectful, unruly, and unproductive. McMillan also believes that parents should never impose their own views on their children, instead allowing them to grow into independent adults.

Dad and Buried has responded to McMillan’s blog by discussing her arguments and presenting counter-arguments. Ultimately, Dad and Buried believes that McMillan’s blog is misguided and harmful to children.

The Aim of Dad and Buried

Dad and Buried is a blog written by a father who’s tired of being the only one talking about parenting. He wants to see more dads talking about what they’re doing right, and wrong, and how they’re trying to raise their kids.

The blog is written in a personal style that makes it easy for dads to relate to. Dad knows that raising children can be tough, but he’s not afraid to share his mistakes and successes.

So far, Dad and Buried has been very well-received by other parents. They’ve received positive feedback from people who have found the blog helpful, and from those who have just enjoyed reading it.

How Dad and Buried Got Started

Parenting is hard. It seems like no matter what we do, our kids end up doing something wrong or getting into some trouble. The thing is, parenting isn’t easy and it definitely isn’t perfect. But that doesn’t mean we have to give up on our parenting efforts.

That’s why Dad and Buried was started. We wanted to provide parents with a place where they could share their experiences and advice about parenting. And we wanted to do it in a way that was fun and engaging.

So far, we’ve had a lot of success with our blog. Not only has it been popular among parents, but it’s also helped us connect with other professionals in the parenting field. We’re grateful to have found such a supportive community, and we hope that you’ll join us as we continue to write about the challenges and rewards of being a dad or mom.

The Anti Parenting Blog

Parenting is hard. It’s full of sacrifice and it can be really lonely. But most importantly, parenting is about shaping the future of your children.

But what if there was a blog out there that celebrated parental failure? That encouraged parents to ditch their kids in favor of their smartphones and Netflix?

That blog would be called “The Anti Parenting Blog”, and it’s exactly what you’re reading right now.

Created by two friends named Dan and Toni, “The Anti Parenting Blog” celebrates parental neglect and recklessness. They believe that kids should be free to roam and explore without fear of parental supervision, which is why they celebrate everything from sleepovers gone wrong to kids who act out inappropriately.

Their goal is simple: to dismantle the foundation of traditional parenting and replace it with a culture of self-indulgence and anarchy.

Whether you agree with their philosophy or not, one thing is for certain: “The Anti Parenting Blog” is having a major impact on the parenting landscape.

What’s Next for Dad Buryed?

The blog section for the article “Dad and buried the anti parent parenting blog –” looks at what’s next for Dad Buryed.

One of the many things that is still up in the air is what will happen to Dad Buryed’s vast collection of anti parent parenting content. Some have suggested that it be archived and made available to parents who might find it useful, while others believe that it should be completely abandoned and forgotten about. It’s an interesting debate, and one that will likely continue to simmer for some time to come.

One thing that is for sure is that the impact of Dad Buryed’s work has been felt by parents all around the world. His writing was raw, honest, and often brutally honest, and it spoke directly to issues that many parents face on a daily basis. Whether or not his approach was effective is up for debate, but one thing is certain – his work will continue to have an impact long after he’s gone.

The Pros and Cons of Parenting Blogs

Parenting blogs can be a great way to get information and support from other parents. However, they can also be a way for parents to vent their anger and frustrations. It is important to remember that parenting blogs are not an official source of information about child development.

The Pros of Parenting Blogs

Parenting blogs offer a community of support. Parents can share ideas, resources, and advice with other parents.

Parenting blogs can be a way to learn about new methods or techniques for parenting.

Parenting blogs can provide useful information about child development.


Dad and buried the anti parent parenting blog. A dad who goes by the name of Dan took to Medium recently to pen an open letter titled “Dear Parenting Bloggers,” in which he lambasts a number of parenting bloggers for their “unbiased, unenlightened, and often hurtful criticisms” of parents. His aim? To start a conversation about what he calls “anti-parenting culture.”

While some readers found Dan’s letter heartfelt and thought-provoking, others were quick to point out that it wasn’t actually directed at any specific parenting blogger – but rather, was meant as a general rebuke of all parenting blogs. In any event, this is one provocative blog post that will definitely generate discussion.

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