5 Signs You Need an Injury Recovery Massage

Did you ever think about how often you apply pressure to your muscles? If you sit and stand at work, you do it a lot.

If a muscle is injured, you need to fix it right away. You can’t wait, or it will continue to hinder your daily life.

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To learn more, read to see which injury recovery massage you should try when your muscles suffer. Knowing the therapeutic value of massage therapy will help you figure out if you need one.

1. Persistent Pain

If you have been experiencing persistent pain in the same area for an extended period, it could be a sign that you need help. Often, an injury revival massage can help ease the symptoms of pain.

It also helps to break down the built-up muscle tissue and adhesions that can cause discomfort. If you have been dealing with persistent pain, it is also essential to see a massage therapist.

2. Loss of Range of Motion

A loss of range of motion is a sign that you need an injured recovery massage. The rubbing targets specific muscle groups to help reduce pain and restore function. By loosening muscles in a contracted state, a caress can help lessen pain, increase flexibility, and improve range of motion.

The injury recovery massage at Best Day Fitness is tailored to meet the client’s individual needs and helps you get back to a place of full mobility and pain-free fitness. You’ll notice improved flexibility and range of motion if you make an appointment for a damage restoration massage.

3. Tightness 

The feeling of tightness is the most common symptom experienced by people who are active or lead a demanding lifestyle. The muscle tissues in the body become tired from being overworked, which can cause the surrounding tissue to become fit and stiff.

A recovery massage helps loosen the tense muscles and stretch the surrounding fascia. It helps soothe pain and relieve the overworked muscle tissue so it can return to its natural state.

4. Reduced Performance

Reduced performance can also show tension or tightness that an injury recovery rub may help to relieve. Skilled massage therapists tailor the treatment to fit your needs during physical injury.

The touch will help bring blood flow and nutrients to the injured area, reduce inflammation and pain, and help healing. It is a significant form of therapy for those recovering from injuries and looking to return to their optimal performance.

5. Swelling

When swelling remains after an injury, it may be a sign that an injury recovery massage is necessary. The rubdown strokes, combined with targeted pressure and stretching techniques, help to soften the tissue and relieve tightened muscles.

Also, regular touch can help reduce the body’s reliance on NSAIDs, reducing the risk of side effects and the need for long-term pain medication. If you have suffered swelling, consult with a rubbing therapist and see if a wound recovery massage might be beneficial.

Get an Injury Recovery Massage Today

Injury recovery massage can be a powerful tool for improving overall well-being and mobility. If you are feeling any of the signs mentioned, such as persistent pain, loss of motion, tightness, reduced performance, or swelling, you should take care of yourself. Schedule a massage today for injury recovery, and your body will thank you.

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