What Can a Locksmith Do with a Broken Key?

Breaking a key in the lock can be both frustrating and stressful. It can cause you to feel helpless if you don’t know what to do. Some professional locksmiths have the knowledge, skills, and tools to help you out of this jam. Let’s look at what they can do with a broken key. 

Finding the Broken Key Pieces 

The first step when dealing with a broken key is finding all the pieces. This can be tricky, but make sure all key pieces have been located before any attempt is made to extract them from the lock. A locksmith will look for any pieces on the ground and try to determine how many pieces might be stuck in the lock.

They may use tweezers, needle-nose pliers, toothpicks, or wires to feel around in the lock and locate the key pieces.

Extracting the Key from the Lock 

In cases where there are no visible signs of damage on either side of the key (i.e., both ends appear intact), it may be possible for a locksmith to extract it without special tools. This is by gently pushing and pulling until it comes free from its confines inside the lock cylinder.  

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More complicated scenarios may require more specialized tools, such as an extraction tool or lock pick set. These tools can be used to carefully remove each piece individually without damaging either side of the remaining part still lodged inside the cylinder. These tools are typically only used by professional locksmiths who understand how fragile and delicate these operations can be. So refrain from trying DIY extraction techniques at home unless you know what you’re doing.  

Duplicating & Replacing Keys 

The locksmith may carefully examine the key and determine if it is salvageable or needs to be replaced completely. They may create an exact copy of that key if it is salvageable, using advanced machinery and technology. If it needs to be replaced, they can use their knowledge of lock systems and security protocols. This is to create a new one that works with your existing system. 

Rekeying & Repairing Locks 

Rekeying or repairing locks may be necessary after extracting a broken key from them. Depending on the type of lock involved, this may require parts replacement or adjustment of existing components. This is to make them work again properly with another key. An experienced locksmith can provide quick service for these types of repairs so that you don’t have to worry about searching for replacement parts or having your entire lock system replaced. 

Resetting Combinations 

Many modern locks use combination systems as well as traditional keys. The combination system can sometimes become jammed if someone breaks a key in the key slot. A locksmith can remove the broken key and then reset the combination to work correctly without needing additional repairs or replacements. 

Adding Additional Security Features

After your broken key is removed, you can have the locksmith add additional security features such as deadbolts or high-security cylinders. A professional locksmith can advise you on what type of security feature best suits your needs and budget. They can also recommend other ways to enhance your security setup if desired.

Hire a Locksmith Today

A locksmith can assist you with a broken key in several ways. They can inspect the key and lock, extract the broken key, make a new key, and, if necessary, replace or repair the lock. They can also offer additional locksmith services while on site. Locksmiths are the best option to handle a broken key situation.

If you require a locksmith, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced locksmith in your area.

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