The 3 Best Magnetics Locators of 2023

Do you run a business that does digging or surveys for items underground? Are you looking for an easy way to do this which won’t take up a lot of your employees’ time or energy? 

One investment you can make in your business’s future is purchasing a magnetic locator. There are many locators of underground magnetics on the market, so we have culled down the list for you in the article below. Read on!

1. Schonstedt Magnetic Locator

This is a dependable and rugged magnetic locator that will satisfy even the more discerning buyer. It comes with a hard case or a soft one, depending on how rough the terrain is where you will be searching underground. You can search for both iron and steel objects using this magnetic locator. 

Also, it comes with five levels of sensitivity so you never miss the item you are searching for. A serious surveyor like you needs this underground magnetics device on your side.

Schonstedt manufactures a variety of other magnetic locators, so take a look at their catalog to choose well for your business.

2. Underground Magnetics Mag Series

Another magnetic locator that is popular is the Underground Magnetics Mag series Receivers. It comes with 2 antennae for receiving which means you won’t ever miss a signal and will get an accurate and precise locating of the item you are seeking. 

They offer depths ranging up to 360 feet and have digital signal processing which makes it easier to read the incoming data. The Mag series has three possible contenders for you to pick from: the 3S, 5S, and 9. 

If you are searching for the best accuracy and range in the industry, then you can’t go wrong with these magnetic locators. You can find used ones as well if you are worried about your budget and can’t afford a new one yet. 

3. Pipehorn 800HL Dual-Frequency Pipe & Cable Locator Model MD840

If you are focused entirely on pipe location, then these magnetics locators from Pipehorn are the ones you need to invest in. They come with 2 frequencies: 480 kHz and 9 kHz. 

You can find utilities underground from a distance or in congested areas using these magnetic locators. Great for one-handed use, you can flick in between frequencies easily. They are suitable for a variety of pipe types, from coated pipes to fiber lines and more. 

Magnetics Locators: Purchase One To Boost Your Business

Even if you have a nose for this kind of thing, you will still need a magnetics locator to find pipes or other steel material underground. Think of it as having an extra set of eyes and antennae on your head. 

Yes, it might be a considerable expense for your business, but it will give your business a boost that can’t be replicated otherwise. 

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