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5 Common SMS Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

As a business owner, you know that SMS marketing can effectively engage with your customers. Unfortunately, many business owners make simple yet critical mistakes regarding SMS marketing.

These missteps can put your reputation in jeopardy and waste your resources. Read on to learn about the common SMS marketing mistakes to avoid.

1. Going Overboard with Your Messages

Overwhelming customers with too frequent messages annoy them. It may actually cause them to opt-out from your list altogether. To avoid this, make sure you provide valuable content in your messages and send them only when necessary.

Before sending out messages, consider the volume of information you’re sending and ensure it’s easily digestible without being overly frequent. You can utilize SMS bulk messaging services to ensure you send the accurate amount of information to the right number of people.

2. Not Doing Your Due Diligence to Ensure Deliverability

Not doing your due diligence to ensure deliverability is a common mistake in an SMS marketing campaign. To avoid this issue, take the time to research your chosen digital platform thoroughly. Ensure the provider offers both sender ID customization and reliable deliverability.

Additionally, pay attention to the restrictions and guidelines set by your provider and the country your recipients are based in, and any relevant industry guidelines. Make sure you also keep your messages compliant with any regulations. Double-check all links in messages to ensure they are in perfect working order.

3. Neglecting to Personalize Your Messages

Personalizing messages helps to create a sense of intimacy and builds trust. It also ensures that your messages are relevant to the recipient.

To avoid neglecting to personalize your messages, take the time to segment your audience. Tailor content to the specific interests and needs of each segment. Personalize messages with recipient names, dynamic content, and targeted offers to show the individual that your message is truly for them.

4. Failing to Incentivize Your Subscribers

Without an incentive, you’re not giving customers any reason to join or remain part of your SMS program. Offer customers the following to encourage them to opt-in to your program:

  • exclusive deals and discounts
  • early access to products
  • coupons

Additionally, make sure to periodically remind them of any benefits they receive from being part of your SMS program. Keep track of what incentives have worked for other businesses, and use them as an example of success.

5. Not Tracking Progress

Without tracking SMS marketing goals and progress, it may be impossible to determine ROI or improvements made. Tracking progress should involve regularly checking open rates, analytics, and any reports the system provides.

In addition, it is essential to keep track of unengaged contacts and to remove those from future campaigns. They could harm the efficiency of a campaign and lead to potential penalties from mobile carriers.

Employing tools that can help automate the process of tracking progress for a business can make the process easier. Finally, measures should be taken to ensure that programs for monitoring progress are correctly in place and regularly updated.

Make Sure to Avoid the Common SMS Marketing Mistakes

Overall, SMS marketing, when used correctly, can be a great tool to reach a target audience and increase sales. By avoiding common SMS marketing mistakes, businesses can optimize their campaigns and increase marketing ROI.

Be sure to keep messages brief, relevant, and engaging to ensure your customers stay informed and interested. Try using SMS marketing today and see the difference it makes!

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