What Can a Pain Management Doctor Do for Me?

A pain management Doctor can help diagnose, manage, or treat chronic pain. You may experience pain in various parts of the body, including your joints and muscles. Headaches and migraines are also common sources of pain. Sitting on a chair for long periods, performing strenuous activities, experiencing severe injuries, and suffering from an illness can all cause pain.

If you’re experiencing pain in any part of your body, contact a pain management doctor. The experts will help you determine the best solution for alleviating the pain and expediting recovery. Pain doctors can also help you manage chronic pain. Here are three things an experienced pain management specialist can do for you:

1.    Diagnose the Underlying Condition

The first thing a pain management doctor will do during your first appointment is to review your medical history. You’re free to ask questions and provide honest information about your symptoms and what you think caused the pain. Diagnosis aims to reveal the root cause of your pain, which can vary from poor posture to traumatic injuries and infections. Leading pain management clinics treat a wide range of ailments that cause pain.

Popular conditions linked with pain include annular tears, herniated discs, osteoarthritis, stenosis, spondylitis, and degenerative disc disease. Your pain management specialist will perform a physical examination or use imaging tools like x-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans, and MRIs. If you feel sharp pain, suffer an injury, or face persistent discomfort, visiting a pain doctor can help determine the cause. The diagnosis also involves discussing your family history.

2.    Devise a Treatment Plan

A pain management doctor can determine the best course of treatment for the diagnosed issue. Pain can originate from various reasons, and each requires custom therapy. Leading pain management clinics offer multiple treatments, including platelet-rich plasma, radiofrequency ablation, and spinal cord stimulation. Other pain therapies include dorsal root ganglion, lumbar epidural steroid injections, nerve root blocks, and pain medications.

Your pain management doctor will determine the best treatment plan based on the diagnosis results. Leading clinics offer everything from massage and physical therapy to decompression surgery. If the pain is treatable, your pain management doctor will help you relieve the pain and other symptoms while working on recovery. Many injuries and conditions that cause pain can improve with treatment. Sports injuries are common treatable causes of pain.

3.    Manage Chronic Pain

Some conditions are chronic, meaning your doctor can’t fully treat them. Conditions like arthritis need long-term management through pain medication, physical therapy, and other techniques. Working with a specialist can help you achieve a better quality of life if you live with chronic pain. Your pain management specialist can devise a plan to manage the pain and other symptoms. Treatment will also focus on slowing down or preventing further injury.

Pain management may involve medication, surgeries, lifestyle changes, workout regimens, and diet tweaks. Managing chronic pain requires an experienced doctor specializing in the specific issue. Some doctors specialize in spinal problems, while others focus on foot, ankle, and leg pain. Pain management clinics can also offer the full scope of services.

Working With a Pain Management Doctor

Pain management specialists can offer a wide range of services but focus on alleviating different types of pain. Leading doctors can diagnose the cause of your pain, determine the best treatment/management plan and relieve your symptoms. You need a reputable clinic that specializes in treating and managing pain. Look for long-serving pain management clinics with a good reputation in the area.

A good pain management dr will review your medical history, complete various tests, and discuss your options. Stick to clinics that specialize in treating the cause of chronic pain. You can also check the treatment options, technologies, and facility equipment. Leading pain management specialists have a clean track record and positive references who can attest to their quality services.

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