Most Commonly Found Ants in Homes

Ants are everywhere in and around our homes. An ant invasion is one of the most disgusting, frustrating, and alarming issues that can happen to a homeowner today. Luckily, you can utilize the services of a professional ant exterminator to assist with the pest problem.

While not all ant species are problematic, these social animals can pose enormous property and health risks, including costly asset damage or food contamination. Let’s take a look at some species of these social animals that you may encounter in your home.

Common Ants Found in Homes

Common ant species you should keep an eye out for at home include:

Carpenter Ants

These are the most common types of ants you can find in homes. They are black and brown in color, with a large mandible on their abdomen. Carpenter ants can severely damage property. They tend to enter buildings through wall cracks as they try to find an adequate place to erect a nest. Carpenter ants can also drill through wooden structures to create their habitats. They are attracted to sweet foods such as fruits and honey.

Pavement Ants

These ants are common in homes in warmer climates, and especially in the southern U.S. and Canada. Pavement ants can cause an allergic reaction to the skin after a bite.  You may experience itchy red bumps on your body even by simply coming into contact with someone who has been bitten by pavement ants before.

Pharaoh Ants

These brownish-gray insects are commonly found in gardens. They march indoors when hungry, looking for food or sweet drinks left about. Their bodies are thin with long legs and antennae. Their most distinguishing characteristic is an orange-red spot on their backs. The spot makes them easy to identify.

Black Ants

While they aren’t known for damaging buildings, black ants can contaminate your food. They come in colonies and invade your home in search of food. If you see one or two, there could be a whole army just nearby.

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How To Eliminate Ants From Your Home

It’s understandable to be worried when you spot ants in or around your home. While spotting several ants may not necessarily mean there is a total invasion, be sure to take safety measures just in case. Precautionary measures may include:

  • Destroying their food source.
  • Sealing off all possible entrances they may be using – holes and cracks on floorboards, walls, etc.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing your house routinely.
  • Storing food appropriately.
  • Cleaning up any traces of starchy foods, sweets, or leftovers.
  • Checking for any damp or rotting planks on any wooden buildings you may have.

Ants are finicky about the various pest control methods peddled around. Using the wrong method can make the ants reorganize and attack anew. If you can’t stop these annoying pests from marching into your home, you should call an ant exterminator to assist you in stopping them in their tracks.

Contact a Licensed Professional Ant Exterminator for Assistance

Without proper treatment, you’ll continue experiencing distressing ant infestations regularly. To eliminate them for good, a licensed professional ant exterminator must first properly identify the invading species. They should then find and destroy all nests. The pest control method to be used will depend on the season, nest location, ant species, and other factors.

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