Computer Glasses vs. Reading Glasses

Reading and computer glasses are among the most common types of glasses used today. Both help to keep your eyes safe and comfortable, preventing strain and allowing your eyes to focus naturally all day. But there are also differences between the two. Here is all you need to know about computer glasses and reading glasses, so you can choose the pair that fits your needs best.

What Are Reading Glasses?

Reading glasses help magnify or clarify images and objects to compensate for your decreased vision. With these glasses, you will be able to read words without moving back or squinting. 

Reading glasses are ideal for individuals who have a condition known as presbyopia. This condition usually occurs between the ages of 40 and above, when your vision begins to change. The lens muscles of the eye harden and stop constricting and bending. This results in difficulty focusing on words up close. 

If you have this condition, reading glasses are a great solution. Lenses have a high focus on power to help users read the small print on books, newspapers, text messages, medicine bottles, etc. 

What Are Computer Glasses?

People who work on computers throughout the day put their eyes under an immense amount of strain. Computer glasses are designed for such individuals. They prevent eye strain linked to prolonged computer use. The coating on the lens reflects glare and tint, making it easy for your eyes to process the light and glare emitted by digital devices.

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The lens on the glasses comes with a special reflective coating to reduce blue light and glare, which can affect your circadian rhythm. They are also helpful if you use your phone in bed or your computer at night. 

Differences Between the Two

Both types of glasses help reduce eye strain during different tasks. Despite performing similar roles, however, they facilitate them differently.

Reading Glasses 

Reading glasses have various magnification levels to reduce eye strain when reading small print. The lenses are usually clear, but others come with a light tint. 

They are designed to enhance near vision for objects or materials too close to your face. There are not ideal for distance vision, so they will not assist you when driving around.

Reading glasses are fine for you if you need to read some small details on the screen or for occasional computer use. Apart from that, they are designed to reduce eye strain when reading. 

Computer Glasses

Computer glasses function at a longer distance than reading glasses. They have a coating material that impedes the screen’s glare and light from reaching (or damaging) the eye. They will also help you focus better, as they help reduce symptoms of dry eye or a string if you look at screens all day.

The lenses help reduce overexposure to the blue light produced by the screen, requiring your eyes to work harder to see the contrast. Overexposure to this light can cause watery eyes, migraines, headaches, and other discomforts. The tint or coating on the lens will filter the light reducing eye strain.

Older computer screens and modern flat-screen monitors have particularly harsh glare and lighting, so computer glasses are especially helpful if that is a device you use often. 

Buy the Best Computer Glasses

Many jobs and educational pursuits today require long hours in front of computers. If you are looking at screens for hours of your day for whatever reason, consider investing in computer glasses to help reduce eye strain and exposure to blue light. These glasses will serve you well regardless of your vision issues, age, or the types of devices you use. 

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